Start YOUR Campaign!

Start YOUR Campaign!

Are you ready to SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE?

Do you love the idea of raising funds with no out-of-pocket expenses? Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Let’s Talk SHIRTS (and other garments)!

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to selecting WHAT you want to offer. Obviously you can’t expect people to buy one size shirt, why expect them to buy only one type of garment or brand?

T-shirts are great, and everyone loves them, but what about a hoodie? Maybe a tank top or shirts for kids? Depending on your cause, the season, the event, and your personal tastes you might have something totally different in mind – and we can help! Are you looking for a specific brand or style – again, we can help! We have our favorite brands and styles, and we always recommend selling a garment your supporters are going to LOVE!

We’re flexible – we can find a garment AND/OR brand that fits your needs – looking for the super-soft t-shirt that will instantly become their “favorite shirt ever”? Or maybe you want to offer a basic shirt so more money can go toward your cause or event…we’ll work with you to find the perfect garment for YOU!

Step 2 – Let’s Talk DESIGN!

NLOL_Tshirt_2016_Valentines_CampaignWe understand you’re not a designer – that’s our job! We’ll take your logo, slogan, and idea and create something cool and exciting. Your supporters WANT to support you, but it’s a lot easier to convince them to buy when they really love the garment and design!

We’ll work with you on colors too – sometimes a simple design with one ink color looks fantastic! Your logo might need two colors to really make it work, or you might have a complex design that requires even more colors. The number of ink colors affects the price of the garment – but it also affects the “I want THAT” factor too! We’ll work with you to balance the cost and cool-factor and come up with something that fits YOUR needs.

Step 3 – Goals and Prices

How many fans / followers / supporters do you have? What is their reach – how many people can they touch or influence? These are all questions that will affect your campaign, and we’re here to HELP you with your goals and planning. You set the duration of your campaign. Two weeks is often the perfect amount of time for a campaign, but if the goal is to pre-sell apparel for an event, then more time may be required to get the word out. We want your campaign to be a success, and we also want to make sure everyone has the right expectations.

Setting a price for your garment is also important – the primary goal is USUALLY to raise funds for your cause, but maybe you just want to increase awareness or pre-sell apparel for an event. We can work with you to set a price point that will fit YOUR goals!

We will let you know how much your profit per garment will be and the minimum needed to print, once the style, design, colors, brand and sales goals are determined. Profit per garment will depend on the number of garments sold during the campaign. If the minimum to print is not met in the time allotted for the campaign, we will either extend the campaign or refund all monies collected and close the campaign. There are still no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Step 4 – Delivery and Fulfillment

We handle the entire campaign for you – from beginning to end – including the final phase of delivering the garments to your supporters. For most campaigns we deliver the garments directly via Priority Mail. Shipping charges start at $5 for the first item and additional items are only $1 each. Production starts after your campaign closes, and the garments are ready to ship with 7-10 business days.

Step 5 – Promote and Profit!

You can raise funds for your cause by setting the price above the cost of the garment and decoration, but we can also collect donations for your cause! When your supporters buy they are given the option of adding a donation to their order. After the campaign closes we’ll send your profit on the garment sales AND 100% of the donations!

There is no cost to you – we handle all expenses, including the garment, decoration, credit card fees and all shipping costs! We’ll also provide you with a custom Cover photo for Facebook, graphics for posting on social media, and a custom link to make it super-easy to interact with your supporters!

Your only job is to tell your supporters and get them to tell their friends!

Are you ready? Let’s get started – send us an email or give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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